Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"I believe this nation should commit itself,"

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, and the mission was very, very dark indeed.

Richard C. Hoagland has been reduced to acknowledging how he, and through him, the COAST TO COAST AM audience have been duped by the Bush Administration. Adding insult to injury, he's forced to make his confession as the C2C "Science Advisor"; a questionable honorific bestowed on him by George Noory, who is just as fond of "interviewing" Jerome Corsi; whose creation of "Swift-Boating" arguably saddled us with George W. Bush for a second term.

Noory may be just doing his job, as so are the people whose job is ignoring and marginalizing Hoagland. A job easier now than ever after the Hoagland/Art Bell RKO split.

Maybe I'll be proven wrong by detailed C2C follow-ups on the DARK MISSION October 30 NPC, or the Wisdom and Conscious Life Festival/EXPO appearances in early November.

Clock is running...

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