Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The iDakini Oracle

There is a temple in India...

In Orissa actually. A small circular shrine open to the sky, whose inner wall contains the niches that house the 64 Dakinis.

This 65th post however, is about the statue that stands at the center of all their gazes.

The EDIT POSTS page in the blogger interface allows you to define the number of posts to be displayed, and I had chosen 64 when I started the iParty Blog.

When I went to NEW POST on Valentine's Day, I realized I was at number 62, or DANGEROUS PUSSY/THE PAST, according to the SECRET DAKINI ORACLE of Nik Douglas & Penny Slinger.

I had honored Valentine's Day long before it arrived, but that post allowed me to do so publicly.

The dangerous pussy in my past, has yet to respond.

Such is Love.

Richard C. Hoagland says the Internet is overrated. His Art Director tried to get out from under her site until it just went under. I identified the Internet as one of the New Wonders Of The World, and I offer the previous 64 iParty posts, and the body of work they link to as proof.

An incurable romantic still, I can only HOPE that my youngest Daughter; a Dakini if there ever was one, will appreciate that I do so on her Birthday, and with the image that started IT all.

My Name is Michael Sterling. Such is Love.