Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Horah! Horah! Horah!


Now I get it! The DTV transfer was scheduled for the same day that medical microchipping of people gets enacted in the goddamn stimulus bill. Jupiter and Mars aligned for both, on the Moon's node, those clever fucks!

Now we know why they wanted that godawful "cell" tower in your neighborhood.

We're all going to be e-prisoners.

I'm off to search the text of that bill.

Subject: Re:
Date: Wednesday, February 18, 2009, 4:46 AM

It's sickening, especially when you think about what is coming to the tv entranced millions. You're not in such a good place on the planet if things get stupid, as you know they will. I love San Diego, but it lacks sufficient water to support the local population if (when) the grid goes down. Once the microchip ID becomes mandatory (Obama health care system will bring it), then there's no where to hide in the USA, or anywhere on this continent. In Ecuador I saw those same towers that are popping up everwhere I look here, as well. They are taking tv off of the airwaves to make room for microchip ID tracking, and these new towers are part of that system. I know the system is global, but hopefully in a third world country, they won't be as organized as they are here. There are people in those mountains (Andes) who were born at home and whom no one knows exists. In this country there is not a person who is not numbered and tracked. Consider getting ready to get out of here. I tell that to everyone I care about. If I can help anyone relocate to Ecuador, I will, but first I have to convince my own family to relocate. There's plenty of farm land and fresh water there. It could be just a pipe dream, but I need some kind of hope to cling to.

My Name is Michael Sterling. Anyone know why the exclamation Horah! replaced the DTV COUNTDOWN Timer at

The HI BI RU Are Dancing.