Monday, April 16, 2007

Reptilian Nephilim Continuum

Why is anyone surprised that the RNC; who rented a warehouse in advance to detain protestors during the last Republican National Convention, maintains an email network that allows messages to be deleted at a moments notice when a RNC member gets in trouble?

The struggle for control of the Planet may not be in it's last throes, but we're close.

I liked Ike. Now, I like Icke.

Born in 1949, I was surely drawn to earthly birth by the music of Richard Strauss, who died that same year. Strauss; like Kurt Vonnegut jr. after him, witnessed the horrors of war and the terror bombing of entire cities like Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, yet lived to prove those wrong who felt War had made Art irrelevant.

Strauss didn't have to see War lift it's ugly head again, but the author of Slaughterhouse-5 came to believe that "The only difference between Bush and Hitler is that Hitler was elected." Apparently retired american generals are also adding that Hitler knew what he was doing.

We will find even more disturbing differences if he continues as President.

Warszawa or War Czar. Takfir or talk fear. Light years or lite beers.


The killer still has his boots on, yet everyone is still shocked when he shows up.

Great Work or Great Work-Out.

George W. Bush; Example-In-Chief, does nothing now but point out the enemy to us, even if it's your own Congressman, but he'll take no credit for the day the civilian death toll at Virginia Tech exceeded that of a Baghdad marketplace.

Where did we come from? Where are we going? How long have we got?

According to David Sereda and Ed Dames, not very long. Another two-term President if we're lucky.

The Muse or the ruse.

In "Waitng To Exhale"; the first Post-Katrina UPDATE to SHIFT HAPPENS, I thought I was stating the obvious: "If there was ever a reason for a SECRET government to step up and share the advanced technology they've pried from dead alien fingers, it's the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Either there is no extra-terrestrial presence interested enough in human suffering to appear when they're needed most, or the Elite that claims to have our best interests at heart are more inhuman than those who rule them from the Stars.

I also pointed out to fans of DISCLOSURE everywhere, that the predominant party affiliation of career military, intelligence, corporate defense contractor, and NASA personnel is Republican.

BLACKWATER, Brown Acid. Justice, or just us.

So much for the Elite.

Ike knew, so did Icke. As, apparently, do I.

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