Saturday, February 27, 2010

Idiocracy: THE PREQUEL


Let's review ...

“I put a curse on the Americans who did this. I pray that they will have the tragedy in their lives that I have had in mine.”

BLOWBACK: The Sequel

“If America cuts and runs in IRAQ, who's going to tell the families that their loss was in vain?”

Karl Rove / June 2, 2006

“We're damned.”

Nadine / The STAND


home country (n)
1. the country in which a person was born and usually raised, regardless of the present country of residence and citizenship.

The United States is united no longer.

Uranus, Pluto, & Aries duke it out ON DEMAND and on Pay-Per-View. May 27th can't come fast enough.

Be steady. BE READY.

Dors Venabili: “For one thing, there have been many revolutions in Galactic history that have overthrown tyrannies, sometimes on individual planets, sometimes in groups of them, occasionally in the Empire itself or in the pre- Imperial regional governments. Often, this has only meant a change in tyranny. In other words, one ruling class is replaced by another - sometimes by one that is more efficient and therefore still more capable of maintaining itself - while the poor and downtrodden remain poor and downtrodden or become worse off.”
Davan: “I'm aware of that. We all are. Perhaps we can learn from the past and know better what to avoid. Besides, the tyranny that exists now is actual. That which may exist in the future is merely potential. If we are always to draw back from change with the thought that the change may be for the worse, then there is no hope at all of ever escaping injustice.”

Prelude to Foundation / Isaac Asimov

How did “HELL NO! WE WON'T GO!” become “HELL NAY! WE WON'T PAY!”?

So it goes.

“I've read the disposal protocol; I had the requisite clearance to read that. We will fall and burn, when they're done with us. When they're sure there's nothing left we can do for them.”

Zero Summer / Caitlin R. Kiernan

Coming Soon: AMERICIDE 3D

My Name is Michael Sterling. The Great Change continues.

*The new Auto-Pagination Protocol (APP) has limited (for your own good) this high Mock number Blog to some unknown amount of bandwidth, so I have chosen the last 9 posts as a WAY THROUGH to the other 156. Though I'm thankful to Blogspot for giving iParty and the Psionic Guard a clear shot at the Death Star exhaust port for as long as possible, I still felt like Mozart hearing the phrase "too many notes!" for the first time when I realized the bulk of the iParty Blog was missing. Like Mickey Dora being required to license and insure his surfboard before he could pay for a day pass to his favorite previously public beach, I went to guns before I made a new opportunity out of yet another crisis.

All this has happened before.

BSG: Number 6

The screamed headline of the hour is: "Freedom dies a little today!". It's been dying a long time. Perhaps it all finally comes down to two 3 word alternatives: GET MORE IDOL! START BOARDING PROCEDURE.

Choose wisely.

So, If this is your first visit to the most dangerous page in America, everything on the right side still works, including the PREVIOUS POSTS. OR... scroll down to the ABEL DOG workaround at the BOTTOM of this page to see more of what happened when an Artist ran for President (and why). You'll have to read them one at a time as they were written. Each possibly the last. None more important than the others. All deserving their chance to change a mind or the world.

On the other hand - so to speak- those of you who have read every word so far, CLICK on the art at the TOP of the page; the last piece of art (there may be another) posted to iParty, to see where I and the Party go next.

You deserve it.

“The shadow of a cedar in the forest is not the same as the shadow of that cedar become a mast upon a ship, a pillar in a temple, or a scaffolding for gallows. Nor is the shadow of that cedar in the sun the same as it is in the light of the moon, or the stars, or in the purple haze of dawn.

Yet that cedar, no matter how transformed, lives on as a cedar, though the cedars of the forest recognize it no longer.”


“The greatest danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our goal.”


"Meet the NEW BLOG. Not like the old Blog".

Thank you for your support.

Let Life make you better, not bitter.

.ms / 3.21.2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

What are we afraid of now?

Getting hit again because we try this man in New York City, or finding out why we were hit in the first place, and by whom, if we try this man in New York City?

If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere
It’s up to you - new york, new york

New York, New York / Frank Sinatra

Who knew this classic should be more aptly titled NO York, NO York? That sound like a "terrorist" goal to you?

Or is this the true blowback - the ultimate terrorist victory - WE created by letting those who no longer believe in "innocent until proven guilty", "all men are created equal" or "free speech" spread the news.

To paraphrase an Officer of the Soviet Air Force: “What has become of Truth, Justice, and the American Way?

My Name is Michael Sterling. The best line in "The Blind Side" is “SHAME ON YOU!” The most over-used line in "ONE SECOND AFTER"... “This is STILL America”.

You sure?

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Votes, holds, wild geese strikes
Domestic calls and Wives that fight
Sniffer dogs and black-bagged eyes
Our Non-Terrestrial Officer laughs and tries
Explaining why there are no wings
No more time, to change the CHANGE in things
Limo's here, get the gear
Mika's screaming in Scarborough's ear
Artists, fakirs, money-maker shakers
and saxy TSA X-RAY takers
Les Paul's Gibson
Stratocouper's pride and joy
Electric boys
Birthers, Earth Firsters
Off-World yearners
Dalai Lama invite burners
Minds and Pirates on a ride
A motley crew personified
But okers and dokers, crater climbin' tokers
Assumptions and the future Dr. No
Know which way the glow goes
One second after, no one knows
shadow government do
Other shady people too
'Cause you loved me, and I loved you
Just ourselves and Cable News
In the name of Palin Power
Out here where we'd already gone
Pipers at the Gates of Dawn

Who needs EMP? Go ahead, read "ONE SECOND AFTER"; the first "Tear Everything Apart-PARTY" thriller, but have FOX NEWS and MSNBC on in the background. You'll see who's threatening our elected government and who's not. Better yet, read Ben Bova's ABLE ONE and skip the crapaganda. Be warned however, one of these stories will bring you to tears though ABEL ONE may be the sadder story still.

Iran is in orbit and we're giving China the moon to pay off our debt, but you can still make a difference before you're left with only memories of what you truly had. Just think "Kundun", and that boot destroying the sand painting on the way into the Potala, and the Public Address systems that blared propaganda 24/7 at the Tibetans while their country was being stolen.

A boot still on the move and propaganda more effective then ever as The Drop Side and Quality Collapse Disorder continues.

My Name is Michael Sterling. PEACE BE UPON Leon and
Shelter People everywhere.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Error America: 9-11 pays off

CORPRICA: No Citizens (R)equired. Forget tomorrow night or the revolutionary holocast (NOT a typo). The future premiered today.

Kiss the United States of America good-bye? No one will even miss it. Under penalty of fine, imprisonment, or both.

Today, every man, woman, and child that has given their life to protect this country from enemies foreign and domestic, has died in vain.

GAME OVER. Five lawyers control the future of the United States.


What are you going to do about it?

State Of The Union?

Which union?

"Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators or Representatives, and Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States."

The continuation of which scheme?

Sorry Dad.

My Name is Michael Sterling. Welcome to my world. If a Pharaoh can break his own law and speak the Name "Moses", I can post this very special "FINAL COMMENT".

Monday, January 18, 2010

Disc Closure


“Honest, to his own detriment. Gentle to the core.”

Can your Mother describe you thus?

Thank GOD for George Knapp (again), who allowed Gary McKinnon's Mother to plead her son's case for two hours last night. Hours that gave us all insight into what a hacker with Asberger's Syndrome might actually be like. A hacker that left messages (to his own detriment) on the sites he hacked alerting them to how easy it had been, and warning of all the other (Chinese, Russian, etc,...) intruders he had discovered as he searched for evidence of UFO's, and the Free Energy they represented. Energy that could have saved citizens that died from the cold when they could no longer pay their heating bills. Citizens dead at the hand of their elected government as surely as if their leaders had pulled the trigger on the gun secretly held to the heads of those they swore to serve.


If we are judged by an Alien Race as we judge Gary McKinnon, we are in deep trouble. Hoping that the Non-Terrestrial Officers he found are watching The Simpsons Movie may not be enough.

Unfortunately, pleading your case to a lawyered-up President who has used every trick in the book to keep his personal truth secret may be even more naive.

A hope for disclosure doomed to result only in a need to NO.

My Name is Michael Sterling. CLOCK is ticking.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why do we never get an answer?

Ian Punnett's stock went up when he announced that the EYEWITNESS to the "slipping" of the "underwear bomber" onto Flt 253 in Amsterdam would be the first hour C2C guest tonight.

Suspicions of the Noory/Punnett/CIA connection quickly returned when Punnett allowed his guest to blow by the most obvious question of the interview. Worse, FAST BLAST was turned off and there appeared to be NO WAY to ask the guest before he was gone if the three pre-screened callers failed to do so.

Sooooo, I went to Haskell's website* and asked him myself.

FEEL FREE (you still feel Free, don't you?) to do the same, as that page is linked to my submission (did I say that out loud?).

To paraphrase the message recently handed me by Stanley A. Grovom (POTUS 45): “If you keep on asking what you have already asked, you will keep on knowing what you already know.”

My Name is Michael Sterling. REPEATING: The "sharp dressed man" and the guy in the orange jumpsuit are dead ends. The NWA employee who was told "We do this all the time", and the Supervisor (Manager?) they passed the suspicious ticket buyers on to however, can certainly be tracked down through NWA records of that day & time. Anyone in Amsterdam want to place a couple three local calls in order to find out?

*Unfortunately, this is the Haskell response: Thanks for your email. You are right, something does need to be done. However, I have a feeling it may not be.

Have a wonderful morning.



Monday, January 4, 2010


“... the first show of 2010..”

Rachel Maddow

With all the attempts to blame someone for not "connecting the dots", no one, not even Rachel Maddow, pursues the obvious; that someone doesn't want the dots connected.

Someone very, very, guilty.

All that was different about this monday to remember was the extra-rabid demeanor of the undits that have been whipping us into a frenzy more destructive and defeating than anything Al-Qaeda could ever hope for. All so we can forget when exactly we lost.


Still Greece bound?

“Who They gonna believe, you or me?”

San Diego Park Ranger

Nothing changes, everything changes.
Everything changes, nothing changes.

It can only get worse.

My Name is Michael Sterling. "First goddamn week" of 2010.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Do You Wish For What You Really Want?

Game ball or gutter ball. It's our choice.

Someone should thank those who have chosen wisely.

I'll do it.

My Name is Michael Sterling, and I approved this Blog.


Friday, December 25, 2009

If Only In My Dreams

“Little girl I've come to stay
And this time I just have to say
I love you

If she turns you down and you're rejected
Try again the best you can
Call to see her when you're least expected
Tell her now she’ll understand.”

Tell Her Now / John Lennon

I lost one daughter when I left California for Colorado. I lost the other two when I returned.

My Name is Michael Sterling. It was good to be found again.


“Maybe I should go away
Maybe I could stay all day
Maybe it'll matter in the end
If we're ever one again.”

Maybe / Mind Pirates

*"What if an Artist ran for President?"

He'd want you to keep going.

100 million viewers watched "The Day After" in 1983. One of them was Ronald Reagan.


.ms / 03.12.2010